Helpful Tips for Separate Collection

Separate Collection? - Tips for Separate Collection
Separate Collection? - Tips for Separate Collection

What is Separate Collection?

Separate collection is the preliminary separation of materials for recycling. This means that recyclable materials should not be disposed of with other waste. This can be done at the initiative of individual citizens in households or organized in communities – dwellings, businesses, schools, settlements, etc. In turn, recycling is the activity of converting used materials into new products intended for new sales and use. For example, the used paper, after being processed, becomes brand new and can be reused for its intended purpose.

What is the benefit of this process to the nature that surrounds us?

  •  First of all,  deforestation reduction.
  •  Smaller consumption of natural resources.
  •  Lower  water, soil, air pollution
  •  Save energy and water.
  •  Reuse materials that might otherwise turn into rubbish.
  •  Reduces the number of landfills .
  •  Reduce production costs with the reuse of recyclable materials.
  •  And so on and so forth.
  •  In statistics, the picture looks like this:
  •  50 kg used Hut = preserved tree
  •  1000 kg of recycled paper = 20 trees saved
  • 1000 kg recycled glass = 1300 kg of sand saved
  •  1000 kg recycled plastic = thousands of liters of oil saved
  •  1000 kg recycled aluminum = 5000 kg saved ore

Keep in mind that sand, oil and ore are non-renewable natural resources!

Helpful Tips for Separate Collection

Below, we will offer some helpful tips for separate waste collection at home. It will not be easy at first, it will even be annoying. Because anyone who has tried to separate garbage collection at home knows that this is not an easy job. It requires first and foremost desire and perseverance.

At first it is difficult, the chaos in the kitchen suppresses – you wonder where to carry the individual bags so that they do not interfere. If not all family members have realized the usefulness and necessity of this activity, they murmur, consider you a weirdo, etc. So first try to bring the whole family to your cause, especially the kids. Make a  preliminary plan for how to organize the separate gathering and most importantly – do not give up on the first difficulties and inconveniences!

Here we will offer you a few tried and tested practices in an average family who have struggled to collect household rubbish all year long. Their advice will certainly facilitate you in a noble cause. See what you can do today.

Separate Collection? - Tips for Separate Collection

Before proceeding to separate collection, think about what to put them in and where to place the containers so that you do not stumble into them in the already not so large free space in the kitchen. You need at least 5-6 separate bags, boxes, chests, etc. Depends on your imagination and options.

Now there are commercially available beautiful, comfortable and not very expensive boxes / containers of various sizes suitable for this purpose. Alternatively, if you can afford to select containers on wheels,  you can easily place them under the cabinet or closet so they don’t interfere.

You can also involve the kids in preparing the gathering places

Have them paint with dyes or stick old cartons, shoeboxes, etc. Hem will come out cheaper, make them cheerful and favorite for the kids. So they will be attracted to the cause of nature conservation for sure! You have provided space for each waste, so you can start collecting household waste by category:

Paper (everything is simple and clear here

However, do bother cleaning paper waste from any other type of material, if any – such as metal spring office folders!)

Separate Collection? - Tips for Separate Collection

Larger plastic bottles of milk, mineral water and more. you can shrink the ball by removing the air from them. Also save space in the container.);

Plastic caps – it is best to collect them in empty bottles of mineral water

There are now noble causes that also cause children to collect and hand over lids at special points.  NGOs have committed themselves to handing over collected funds to buy baby cups, etc. /

Yogurt pans, sour cream, cottage cheese, cheese and more

They can also be folded appropriately. But most importantly – rinse them in advance! The procedure with packs of fresh milk and juices is about the same. Canned metal cans, even if they do not turn out to be so much, arrange a separate container for them as well.

Separate Collection? - Tips for Separate Collection

Lithium-ion batteries entering the hazardous waste column are unfortunately starting to accompany us from an early age

There is almost no toy that is no longer battery-powered, and in the hands of the little ones they wear out in a negative time. And go to the garbage. Therefore, take a special place at home and for them, and when they are collected, take them to the points where specially certified hazardous waste companies collect them. You can also see such containers next to the cash desks in the big supermarkets, which is a convenience.

You will need the most space for glass bottles, but to avoid it, simply take them out and dump them  in the appropriate container  every morning on the way to work. You can entrust this obligation to your older children, already students. But the most important thing is to start practicing this seemingly annoying activity without giving up. Just after the first week, you will feel that success and persistence inspire you. Even the most skeptical family members will grumble less and less.

You will soon realize that you can also make the first reorganizations to make it easier. For example, you will find that it makes no sense to spend money on plastic bags in the junk shop and not, but you will carry a large reusable bag and put all your purchases in it.

And most importantly – get used to washing the packs before throwing them in separate containers. This is the hardest thing to break old habits. But it is for your personal convenience first.

It is also convenient to collect packages by type, though only because then they take up less space in the house. Failure to do so will result in trash everywhere in a few weeks. That’s not the goal, is it? The ultimate goal of this event is to save nature from harmful waste by redirecting it for recycling that will benefit everyone.


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