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Secondary raw materials and recycling for pollution-free environment

Nord holding

Nord Holding is an established name in the field of secondary raw material recycling.

The company was founded in 1995 by Borislav Malinov (majority shareholder and Chairman of the Supervisory Board).
Nord holding is specialized in the collection and recycling of secondary raw materials and scrap, including:

    (steel and pig iron)
    (copper, brass, bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, nickel, tin, zinc, and lead)

The business activity of Nord Holding focuses on waste acceptance directly from the population and enterprises for further treatment and direct sale to major Bulgarian processors and foreign recyclers.

Nord holding has built up the widest network of strategically located sites across Sofia and the country, and has its own facilities, machinery and equipment for handling all types of waste.

Since 2022 the company has been building its own recycling production capacities for waste automotive oils, tires, textile, portable batteries, aluminum, bronze, pig iron.

Wastes are transported by rail, road or sea, including sea containers and bulk cargo vessels.

Nord holding is
certified for quality management
БДС EN ISO 9001:2015.

Mission, Vision and Values of Nord holding

Our corporate identity is built on a shared mission, vision and values ​​that shape our long-term and short-term business goals.

We strive to integrate our understanding into all our internal processes, external partnerships, campaigns and initiatives. In this way, we build Nord Holding as a structure based on time-resistant principles – the backbone that keeps us safe and stable in our development.

Our mission

Nord holding’s mission can be systematized as follows:

  • To benefit all our customers and business partners;
  • To provide high added value to all our customers and business partners with the services and activities we offer;
  • To integrate and apply best practices for environmental protection.

Nord Holding is committed to protecting the environment by encouraging, promoting and facilitating the recycling of waste and raw materials.

Our vision

Our vision is to offer a raw material collection and recycling service unmatched
in terms of price, convenience, correctness and environmental friendliness.

We strive both to become a preferred business partner and to take care
of environmental protection.

Our values

The values we profess and integrate into our business processes are as follows:

  • Customers are the most important.
    Their wishes and needs matter far more than ours.
  • Relations in our team are honest, fair, correct and open.
    We value mutual respect and active cooperation in both internal and external communication.
  • Customers rely on understanding, cooperation and support.
    Our team spares no time and effort to improve our customer experience.
  • We remain flexible and adaptable, and are not afraid of change.
    We are in tune with both niche dynamics and market needs and customer expectations.
  • We care about the development of our employees.
    We organize ongoing training and upskilling by investing in the talents of our team.
  • Our promises are achievable and our goals are realistic.
    We value the trust of our customers and partners and we never let them down.
  • We integrate all niche innovations into our work.
    Our services and processes are constantly updated and optimized to keep up-to-date.

Our goals

Our goals and steps towards realizing our vision are as follows:

  • To be as flexible as possible and to adapt to the needs of the customer;
  • To keep up with market requirements by constantly developing;
  • To guarantee the quality of our products, services and activities;
  • To maintain an active and emotional relationship with our customers;
  • To offer services that bring real measurable benefits to the customer;
  • To surpass our competitors with important advantages for the customer;
  • To ensure the existence of highly productive and stable business systems;
  • To consider every change and innovation with an analysis of the potential effect on the customer;
  • To invest time and effort in maintaining our relationship with the customer;
  • To invest time and effort in gaining consumer trust in our brand and our services;
  • To take care of the provision of high incomes for the shareholders and partners of Nord Holding.

We believe that the fulfillment of these goals is not wishful thinking, but absolutely necessary to fulfill our long-term vision. Namely – to remain the most preferred choice for scrap collection, processing and recycling in Bulgaria.

Nord holding
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