ESG policies: Еnvironmental, Social and Governance

ESG policies in Nord holding

ESG: Environmental, Social and Governance

ESG policy stands for environmental, social, and corporate responsible governance, i.e. for Nord Holding’s business to be sustainable and successful we need to invest by creating added value throughout the entire chain of society, environment, contractors, consumers, employees and owners.

In other words, ESG defines the approach to successful sustainable management of our company.

This approach stems from the concept of the so-called three “P’s”: people, planet, profit (PPP).

The idea that companies will tripple their profits if they focus on this ” trio” lies at the core of the concept.

Dimensions of the three factors that underlie ESG:

Екологичните фактори ESG policies environmental factors

Environmental factors

require the company to have a responsible attitude towards nature, which includes planning active actions to protect it, such as prevention of harmful emissions and greenhouse gases, clean oceans and seas, fertile land, etc.

Социалните фактори ESG policies social factors

Social factors

show the company’s attitude to people: responsible management of its relationships with employees, suppliers, customers, other communities to create a supportive living environment.

Корпоративното управление ESG policies corporate governance

Corporate governance

must be at a high level, which is achieved through quality management, transparency in decision-making, risk assessment, internal control, regular audits, and more.

The importance of ESG is assessed through the company’s image

A responsibly managed company with developed environmental, social and corporate governance policies is more competitive and more attractive to investors, leading to greater financial stability and sustainability.

In the long run, companies with effective ESG policies will be more adaptable to crisis situations and new regulatory requirements, open to innovation and able to protect their reputation more successfully.

On a global level, governments, business and society are becoming increasingly sensitive to environmental and social issues. Driven by the idea of ​​tackling climate change, regulatory changes at European Union level are therefore also increasing.

Timely action on the the three aspects of ESG policy ensures compliance with increasingly stringent legal requirements and regulations.

Our team promotes sustainable
practices and solutions

The sustainable ESG policy at Nord Holding incorporates:


From the 1st to the 5th of each month we announce several environmental or social initiatives that aim to solve a case, make nature cleaner or help socially disadvantaged people.


The budget ranges between BGN 5,000 and BGN 10,000 per month.


All Nord Holding employees vote from the 6th to the 20th day of the month on each of the proposed initiatives.


The management supports the ESG initiative that has collected the most points.