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Waste oils

Nord holding’s waste oil services comprise separate collection,
transportation to the company’s sites, temporary storing,
and handover for recycling, recovery or disposal.

Types of waste oils:

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Motor oils used in the engines
and transmissions of cars, buses, trucks,
and construction
and agricultural machinery

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Industrial hydraulic oils and hydraulic oils used in trucks
as well as construction
and agricultural machinery;

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and insulating oils

Industrial and insulating oils
used in the manufacturing and power industries

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Ship oils

Recycling process

Waste oils are stored in barrels and tanks, and are subsequently transported
by tank trucks to recycling plants. Waste oil recycling is mainly done
using the vacuum distillation technique, which is the most effective of all.

During vacuum distillation, oils are divided into separate fractions of base oils which can be used
to produce fresh motor, hydraulic and other oils,
as well as tar used in the production of asphalt, bitumen, etc.

This definitely is not the only recycling technique; however, others such as purification
and centrifugation are not as effective, and the resulting products have more specific applications.

Waste oil recycling and the products resulting from it have the following positive impact

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  • They contribute to the protection of the environment and human life by preventing harmful emissions from the potential uncontrolled incineration of such waste.
  • They offer an alternative to depleting petroleum reserves.