Екологична политика на Норд холдинг и Корпоративна отговорност Environmental policy

Quality Management Policy

Quality is what we put first: the quality of our day-to-day operations, the quality of our services to clients and
vendors, and the quality of the raw materials we sell to third parties.

Our vision is being among the industry leaders recognized for their high quality
standards, innovative spirit, integrity, professionalism, and partnership.

Our mission is being a trustworthy, reliable, efficient, and responsible partner to our clients, responding to
their service requests competently and meeting their requirements in a highly qualified and professional way.

Nord Holding’s corporate policy, which has been devised by the
management, is being implemented as follows:

    Exerting effective control over the proper application, maintenance and continuous improvement of the Quality Management System implemented in accordance with БДС EN ISO 9001:2015;
    Demanding precision and high-quality work from its personnel with regard to scrap metal storing, preparation and trade;
    Ensuring that the established system for quality control, tracing and process coordination remains in place;
    Assisting with the introduction of new, high-tech equipment for our operations by providing material, human and financial resources to help retain and advance our competitive position on the market;
    Offering staff trainings, because we believe that professionalism, continuous knowledge acquisition, and honing expertise and skills are key factors for achieving excellent results;
    Through our activity as a whole, meeting the requirements of our customers by employing active listening, understanding, anticipation, and fulfilment of their expectations while demonstrating integrity and professionalism;
    Making sure we receive continuous feedback from our contractors, suppliers and partners on their degree of satisfaction with our services;
    Through analyses and regular studies, keeping ourselves informed and up to date about the company’s market position with regard to its competitors.

The quality management policy and the objectives set at the design and implementation stages of the Quality Management System
have been announced across the company; all company staff have endorsed these and comply with them in their day-to-day work.

The management of Nord Holding is convinced that having motivated and highly skilled professionals on board
and abiding by the corporate rules and values are essential to providing high-quality services, which results in satisfied customers and a good reputation.