Everyday items that we can recycle and reuse

The main role of recycling is to protect the environment and to reduce the amount of waste disposed of. Recognizing the damage that is done to nature, modern society is looking for ways to overcome the dangerous increase in waste.

The reason is that they endanger people’s quality of life and hide risks of extinction of certain animal and plant species. That is why environmental protection should be our first priority.

Everyday items, which we can recycle and reuse

Recycling is the main way to reuse a large part of non-hazardous waste to save natural raw materials and not to pollute the ecosystems of the planet everywhere.

However, the success of recycling is not directly dependent on the boom of new technologies, which allow the processing of a significant part of the waste. Waste management is yet to be a way of life and building new priorities for people around the world.

One of the most modern ways to reduce the amount of garbage is to give new life to the waste that is thrown away every day from every household and office.

This is possible with those of them who do not pose risks to human health and life. You will probably be surprised how much of the constantly used items can be transformed into new useful things. It refers mainly to products that are made of textiles, plastics, glass, paper, but also for other fabrics and materials.

In order for their transformation to take place, it is first and foremost important when disposing of garbage, to store it properly. That is, to observe the principles of separate waste collection. At home, similar products are best to go to different compartments of the trash or to collect in different bins.

Here are some suggestions for separating the most common waste , to be used for recycling at home.

Cartons and paper packaging of juices, milk and other beverages

When unpolluted, boxes are an excellent tool for storing household items or for converting them into multifunctional boxes . It is enough to paint them with harmless paints or to be covered with colored paper. In this way beautiful and practical furniture is obtained.

Everyday items, which we can recycle and reuse

Sometimes old boxes make nice houses for pets.

Packages containing milk or natural juices are also usable. They should be washed and dried well, then it is possible to cut them like cups for children’s drawing lessons. They are also suitable for beautiful pencil cases.

Glass bottles, jars, bottles

Glassware is an excellent material for recycling, because after washing they are completely applicable at home. The only condition is that they do not contain dangerous and poisonous ingredients. If they are from drinks and food, they are for the same purpose.

Everyday items that we can recycle and reuse

Widely used for home canning or storage of products. And glass is a much better food preservation product than plastic containers. Even more can be subjected to heat treatment.

Unused glass products go directly to the glass containers, from where they will be transported to a processing plant. After heat treatment, new glass products are made from them.

If you have other glass objects at home such as broken mirrors, they are a very good material for home decoration . Everyone can improvise and use their own imagination to bring them home.

With the help of the appropriate glue they can be used to renew an old table or to glue flower pots on the balcony.

Textile waste

In every house there are old T-shirts, blouses and various unnecessary clothes. Do not throw them in the trash right away. If they are not suitable for correction and reworking, they can simply be cut.

Thin cotton blouses are made into thin strips, and once rolled into a ball, they can serve as material for making original rugs and mats.

There are ways on the Internet for their recycling and knitting of flooring. Woolen blouses, old socks and towels can also be used to sew clothes for pets, for example.

Everyday items that we can recycle and reuse

Unnecessary parts must be disposed of in specialized containers for old clothes. From there they go for processing. Mixed materials often require ecological recycling so as not to emit harmful emissions into the atmosphere during the subsequent treatment of old clothes.

Plastic packaging and products

Plastic is all around us and the volume of plastic waste that is thrown away every day is growing at an alarming rate. Plastic products are among the most serious challenges to recycling. .

They endanger the lives of aquatic life and the birds that devour them. That is why a large part of the general efforts are aimed at limiting the accumulation of plastic products outside the specialized landfills. The good news is that one some of the products can now be processed and stored under certain rules.

Everyday items that we can recycle and reuse

There are plastic products that can be reused at home. Therefore do not always rush to throw them in the container. For example, in old packaging of cosmetics it is possible to store creams, shampoos and gels again.

Boxes made of better quality plastic are also suitable for new life in the household. For this purpose, they can store ready-made food, put utensils and accessories that every kitchen needs.


Metal cans and jugs of food and drinks are an excellent option to make them innovative items to become part of the interior of the home .

For their safety, you may need to sharpen the cutting edges of the boxes first. The good thing about these products is that they can be washed well with dishwashing detergent and warm water.

Everyday items that we can recycle and reuse

Most such boxes lend themselves to painting and coloring with foil. Sometimes people make pencils, brush holders or jewelry boxes out of them.

Old appliances and other items

Large appliances are forbidden to be disposed of directly in the trash and in large municipalities, home transport is organized to be transported to sites for further processing. This also applies to small appliances, but some of them can become home decorations.

Everyday items that we can recycle and reuse

Refers to beautiful teapots, coffee makers, lamps, watches, irons and more. If their repair is impossible, then with more creativity they can be reborn into a beautiful designer item.

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