How is the price of scrap determined?

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Look around! Take a good look around! Abandoned parking cars, scattered bags, food packs, tires, plastic, and a bunch of other junk and hazardous waste lying on the cabinets in our homes, in the gardens, or in the ditches around the road. What about the engine oil from the car, the batteries of the remote, the burning bulb or the broken mercury thermometer? Do you think these are hazardous waste or just throw them into the general garbage container in front of the block?

The household and industrial waste that we generate generates more and more of our air, water, resources.

And do you know that those same waste materials that we think are useless and that we simply throw away and forget about them can be reused? And do you know that if we all start recycling waste and, if we take care of the collection of hazardous waste, will not only help protect the environment but also benefit the economy and ourselves as consumers?

What are the benefits of recycling waste?

Yes, you can say that you do not have the benefit of recycling waste yourself. You can think it, but you will be wrong. Learn more about the topic in our article “Waste Recycle – what do we benefit“.

You will be wrong because recycling of waste does not only help the nature, but also every one of us, the people of this planet.

* Waste treatment creates additional jobs

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Thanks to environmental protection regulations, many landfills and waste disposal and disposal sites have emerged in the country in recent years, revealing many new jobs. Companies such as Nord Holding, for example, who buy scrap and collect hazardous waste, are among the first to open up new jobs and secure the livelihood of a lot of people in the cities where they have landfills. And Nord Holding is one of many similar companies operating across the country.

* Goods produced from recycled materials are cheaper because of the energy, water and, above all, raw materials used in their production.

According to a study by the US Environmental Protection Agency, the use of steel produced from recycled scrap saves more than 1000 tons of iron ore and more than 600 kilograms of coal.

Here’s a good example of the benefits of recycling from China’s economy. The light industry of China, which we all know as our stores and homes are full of products produced in the Asian country, actively uses recycled raw materials. By investing recycled raw materials in its production, the country produces more goods and offers them at low prices.

* Recycling releases much less harmful emissions into the atmosphere and does not pollute water and soil.

* The use of recycled raw materials in industry makes it possible to conserve natural resources, which are already almost exhausted.

The benefits of recycling waste are many, but you still wonder what is the benefit personally for you?

Talking about scrap and collecting hazardous waste

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Scrap is the waste of the colored and black metals that you all have in your homes, garages, or villas. There is hardly a family who does not wonder what to do with his old car that no longer carries and which rinses in a yard or on the street. These seemingly useless metals that you have accumulated for years can only bring you some money if you give them the trouble of handing them over to scrap.

In its essence, “scrap” is a process / activity that uses metal scrap, which can be recycled and reused.

The most commonly recycled metals are steel, aluminum, zinc, lead, stainless steel. Depending on whether iron is contained or not, scrap is divided into ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

How to buy scrap?

Buying scrap at good prices is done by licensed companies that offer the purchase of waste from ferrous, non-ferrous metals, end-of-life vehicles, and more. Purchase takes place on specially designated sites / landfills where scrap is collected before it starts to recycle.

Scrap prices may vary considerably, with determinants being different. In some places, the price may be negotiated locally between buyer and seller, but if you are looking to buy scrap at good prices, it is best to contact one of the leading companies to buy scrap and hazardous waste such as Nord Holding.

The company has a large number of scrapping and storage sites throughout the country and can offer you very good conditions when buying scrap at good prices.

By passing the scrap metal waste metals you do:

* clear the yard, the street, the house, the garage, the production of metal waste;

* helping the economy;

* take care of the environment;

* You earn money from the sale.

From scrap trading everyone benefits – you, the buyer, the economy (which will use the recycled metal to produce a new product at a lower value), the environment.

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What about the hazardous waste?

Hazardous waste is all waste material that is hazardous to health and the environment. Under the Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and their Disposal, hazardous waste must be subject to different management methods according to their type and characteristics.

The collection of hazardous waste is carried out only by companies that have the necessary documents and certificates for carrying out such activity.

What is your advantage if you pass the hazardous waste?

* You will be confident that you will not harm the environment;

* You will be confident that your home has no harmful health to your nearby waste, such as used engine oils, brake fluids, antifreeze and others.

How to get rid of hazardous waste?

For several years, campaigns have been organized in various cities around the country to collect hazardous household waste. The waste that you can take to mobile collection points is: household materials, paints and paint materials, expired pharmaceutical products, batteries, bulbs, mercury thermometers, and more.

Another option to deal with hazardous household waste is by contacting licensed companies for hazardous waste collection.

The truth…

The shortage and high cost of primary raw materials actively stimulate entrepreneurial initiative in the recycling of waste and the use of recycled raw material in household and industrial goods.

The attitude to waste recovery is gradually becoming one of the indicators of the country’s level of development. The speed and volume of environmental technologies, developments in waste management technology allow us to talk about a gradually emerging new sector of the economy. It allows us to take care of the environment, the future of the planet that we will leave to the generations after us.

The benefits of recycling and collection of hazardous waste?

Turning the Earth into a dump is not one of the most enticing prospects, so let’s not allow it.

There are a lot of companies working in the world and in the world who have been given the task of making the world a little better place to live. Waste recycling is also the most promising and cost-effective way to combat waste that can generate profits for everyone.

Waste materials and raw materials that we dispose lightly have a negative impact on the environment and human health.

Let us take care of the waste we generate properly and try to help future generations live in a cleaner world than we are.

Well, if we can save some money from scrapping at good prices while saving the planet, why not?

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