How to scrap a car?

Your old car has provided you long and loyal services but a time has come to say goodbye. You need to put it off the road, but you aren’t sure what papers you need nor do you know where to submit them.

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How to delist a car?

Prepare yourself to be patient and start solving it step by step…

Step 1 – Preparation of the papers required for putting your car off the road.

Before going to the office of Traffic Police you need to prepare:

* both registration papers of the car (the big one and the small one);

* both registration plates;

* to have submitted an application to delist the car.

All municipal taxes for the car must be paid and if you have decided to recycle your car you should request a note from the company that will buy it. The note is required by Traffic Police in order to prove that the car shall not remain in the streets or parked in front of your house. If you don’t plan to give it to a recycling company for non-ferrous metals, you have to declare that it will be kept in a private area or a garage.

Step 2 – submit the papers

When you have prepared all required papers, you should go to the office of Traffic Police, pay the obligatory fee and submit the papers to delist the car. You can pay the fee on the spot at a bank desk inside the office of Traffic Police, or to make an electron payment (better and quicker option). If you opt for electron payment, the description you should provide is “Registration Application, under art. 26, item 4.

(The fee for issuing the paper for scrapping the car is minor).

Step 3 – delist the car

If you already have all the papers and you are the only owner of the car, you just have to submit them to the appropriate desk in the office of Traffic Police. They will collect the registration plates and perforate the registration paper (you can keep it if you wish). They will also issue a document confirming that the car is put off the road and the delisting procedure is completed.

However, you shouldn’t forget step 4 – delist from the tax register

Don’t forget to visit the municipality authorities and delist the car. In case you don’t do it, the registration of the car shall continue and tax liabilities shall accumulate at your expense.

There are the main steps to go through in order to put your old car off the road.

Another important question is what to do with your car after putting it off the road. In fact, you should decide that before undertaking the delisting. You should choose the most appropriate option both for you and your car.

You have three options: to leave it, to keep it for spare parts or to sell it for scrap.

The option to leave it in the streets to decompose by itself is not a good one since at some point someone will file a complaint against you and you will receive quite a big fine for contamination (furthermore, you don’t gain anything from leaving it).

Another option is to check in the application you submit to Traffic Police sector that it will be kept in a private area of a garage and later sell its parts. This is not a bad option since you can receive some money for the parts but you can’t be sure when this will happen, if any byers will contact you, nor if you will get as much money as you wanted for the spare parts. Even if you manage to sell some parts, there will be quite a lot of useless parts left, as well as dangerous waste. And this is not a very pleasant situation… you will have to deal with litters, plastic parts and dangerous waste in your backyard.

The third option is to look for a scrap-collecting company that would offer you a good price and will buy your old car saving you from any further worries.

Abandoned car for scrap - How to scrap a car? | NORD Holding AD

How to sell your old car as a non-ferrous metal waste and what your benefits are?

If you consider selling your old car for scrap the best solution, you just have to find a licensed company that offers this service.

There are many companies that buy vehicles put off the road so the only thing you need is some spare time to check the conditions and availability in your area (town/municipality).

The next step is very easy – just contact the company of your choice (call them, email them or contact them through their online platform) and ask for an offer for your car.

After agreeing on the price, the company that buys vehicles put off the road will send a tow truck to the place where the car is parked, it will bring the car to its own working platform while you will receive the money on the spot. After buying the car from you, the company shall immediately issue the certificate you need to present to Traffic Police for delisting. If they don’t, it means they don’t have the license for buying old cars for scrap.

(If you contact a scrap-buying company, you shouldn’t be charged for the transportation of the car because it’s entirely on behalf of the company).

How to define the price of the car and what amount you might receive?

The amount you can get for giving your car away as a non-ferrous metal waste depends on the mass and the metals it is made of. All scrap companies have the necessary information and can give you the appropriate offer only by knowing the brand of the car.

Another issue is the difference in prices for buying old cars. If you want to have a good profit from the sale of your old car, you have to search further and find a company that shall offer you a good price for buying your car for scrap.

What happens after you sell your car?

After the car reaches the platform, it is disassembled by the staff of the company and metal details that can be used (as spare parts), metal details that can be recycled and details classified as “dangerous waste” are sorted.

Old vehicles for scrap - How to scrap a car? | NORD Holding AD

Is it worth putting your vehicle off the road and selling it for scrap?

If your car is in too bad condition, it has suffered an accident or it would cost you more to repair it than you paid for it when you bought it, or if it is damaged in a way that it’s hard to repair it, to put it of the road and sell it for scrap is the best decision.

First of all, you won’t have to pay any more taxes. It’s not worth paying for something you don’t use, right?

Second, you will take it away from the streets contributing thus to the protection of the environment.

In addition, you will take care of reusing the non-ferrous metals of your old car, contributing to keeping the world we all live in cleaner.

Last but not least, you will earn some money from the car you put off the road.

It is up to you if you would delist your car and sell it for scrap but if you decide to do so you will earn money from something which has already become useless helping the environment protection at the same time.

… While the non-ferrous metals of your old, “tired” and completely useless car shall bring life to another car, machine or product that will be useful for another person from another part of the country or anywhere in the world.


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